The statue that was cold



 The Archaeological Museum of Aiani, following its tradition in organizing cultural events, has scheduled  a wide variety of theatrical, poetic and musical events as well as painting and sculpture exhibitions, under the title “Cultural Winter and Spring in the Museum of Aiani” during this winter and spring. All the events will take place in the well equipped  multipurpose room as well as in the surrounding area, where one can find the necessary constructions for a variety of plays and activities (including the educational programs organized by the Museum).


 Our Museum, as a cultural institution, supports events that are characterized by their ingenuity and  perpetuity thus resulting to the participation of many.  It is one of the most well equipped museums in Greece and worldwide, while it’s exhibits have, without a doubt, contributed to the historic character of Upper Macedonia. We have made sure that the Museum will not be just a cold, isolated place, a mausoleum of finds.

   As a house of the Muses, arts and culture it has to promote its educational role. Its mission and role is bilateral, to protect the antiquities, becoming an arc of collective memory, whereas it  reinforces self knowledge and national self-consciousness. With its cultural role it must serve modern civilization as well, so as to reach out to modern man.


  On March 2nd 2008, in the Museum’s Exhibition, the prized fairytale of Chr. Boulotis, “The statue that was cold. A true story which took place in the National Archaeological Museum”, will come to life by the Narrative Team of Kailaria (Ptolemaida). The story is about a marble statue of a small child, known as the little refugee, which was found in 1922 in Gerontiko Nyssas (Asia Minor) by the archaeologist Konstantinos Kourouniotis and was transferred to the National Museum in Athens, the first day after the destruction of Smyrne  (August 1922). The narrative Team of Kailaria tells the story with the participation of children who reincarnate the young heroes of the story. The “little refugee” seeks for some warmth in the cold rooms of the big museum in Athens and it comes to us so as to find that warmth among the children of the Museum of  Aiani.