3rd Workshop – Symposium of Sculpture 2010


Antiquities, man and his creations, hitherto his culture, consist the natural and social environment. The use of mineral wealth by man is not a modern phenomenon, it has its roots in ancient times and it has been connected with man’s survival.

  Archaeological finds reveal a harmony with the mineral wealth and the latter’s role in the evolution of prehistoric societies.


 When the first Sculpture Workshop – Symposium was organized, in  2008, organizers and participating sculptors were aiming at the exploration of all the qualities of the local marbles (Tranovaltos – Kozani) which, as already proven by the scientific research, were used during antiquity for the construction of sculptures, some of which were saved and today exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Aiani.


 In 2009 the Workshop – Symposium expanded it’s questioning over the ancient techniques, thus exploring the relationship between color and marble, since it is known that a large part of ancient sculptures was colored.  Sculptors and painters experimented, with ancient and modern techniques, on marble, using natural materials, materials known from antiquity as well as modern synthetic colors.


  In the Workshop – Symposium of Sculpture, organized, with the support of the Municipality of Aiani, for the third time in the courtyard of the Archaeological Museum of Aiani, took part Thanos Karonis, the soul of the symposium, with a new group of sculptors, Odysseas Tossounidis, Philippos Kalamaras and Nikolaos Kyriazidis with Dimitrios Panayiotou. The painter Dinos Palian continues his experimentations on the coloring of the sculptures with the techniques of the egg tempera and encaustic.


 Once again, magically, the artistic creation breathes life into insentient materials…





                                    Georgia Karamitrou Mentesidi 














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